The Peace Within

A little note about today’s post:
Yesterday was hard. Really hard. Things like sicknesses, a car accident, having to cancel a long anticipated vacation, and listening to too much news all swirled together to create one heck of an internal storm. Yet, the lesson I had been planning to teach to 3 year old’s today was that of Jesus calming the storm. And as I had to wave the white flag and let my co-teacher know I wouldn’t be able to teach today, I started to have a little pity party. Yet, God in His infinite goodness (after allowing me to wallow for an hour or two) began to whisper beautiful truth from the lesson I would have been teaching. “Peace, be still my child,” I heard echo through my heart, “For your peace lies within, where I AM with you…always.” 
And so, although not Valentines-y in nature, today’s post is in fact a love letter spoken from the voice of Love Himself. I hope it blesses you as much as it did me!

“And a great windstorm arose, and the waves were breaking into the boat, so that the boat was already filling. But he was in the stern, asleep on the cushion. And they woke him and said to him, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” Mark 4:37-39

The disciples were afraid because of the storm wreaking havoc in their circumstances.

Waves tossing them to and fro. Water filling their boat.

And yet, they need not fear.


Not because Jesus would stand up and calm the storm. Not even because the wind and waves had to obey Him.

But because Peace Himself was within their vessel.

They didn’t need Jesus to calm the storm, they just needed to hold fast to Him.

He did in fact calm the storm. And He did indeed show them His awesome power. But they still would have been ok even if He hadn’t. Jesus didn’t have to change their circumstances for them to have peace. They already had it. For Peace was sleeping peacefully within their vessel.

The Prince of Peace was with them, just as He was with Daniel in the lion’s den. Just as He was with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fire.

Just as He is with us today.

The storm is raging. Waves of uncertainty are tossing us to and fro. Water is breeching our walls of comfort and complacency. 

But, if we have trusted in Jesus. If we claim His Name and His righteousness, then Peace dwells within us, and we need not fear the storm.

Whether He rebukes the storm and says, “Peace, be still” over our circumstances, or whether He simply holds us tight in the midst of the storm, we can trust Him to be our anchor, our steadfast, unmoving anchor.

We, as God’s children, literally have Peace dwelling within the vessel of our heart.

What might happen if we truly lived that truth?

Are you facing a storm today?

Maybe, for just a moment, see Jesus resting within the vessel of your heart. See Him at peace within you and go to Him. Reach for Him. And allow Him to speak peace over your anxious heart. Trust Him to see you through this storm and to never, ever, let you go.

Peace. Be still my sweet friend.

Much love,


Word Manna

Rewriting my manuscript has not been easy (Rewriting). But it has been transforming as each day I come empty handed before God and ask Him to pour His words through me. I keep thinking of the Israelites as they wandered in the desert collecting just enough manna for the day. No more, no less. Just enough.

That’s what I am asking God for. Just enough words for each day. His words. Divine words.

I run to open my computer each day and eagerly await the word manna He rains down from heaven. And He is so faithful to provide!

Are you in need of manna today?

How often do we seek and strive for things, for people, for ideas, for peace, for (fill in the blank).

When in reality God is simply waiting for us to look up so that He can rain down something far better. So that He can give us heaven’s bread.

What if for today, just for a moment, we sit and wait. We wait for the Lord to rain down His manna on us. And what if, even if just for today, we trust that His manna is enough. That it is better. That it is good. How might our day look and feel different?

Praying that you will look up today and find His manna is more than enough.

Much love,




When God Asks You to Start Over (and you want to put your fingers in your ears and sing la-la-la!)

Recently, it occurred to me that I haven’t really posted much about my book or the writing process. Mostly, because I’ve been using every free second to write the book! But also because God has been using this process of book writing to prune some very deep parts of my heart. This process has exposed weaknesses I didn’t know I had. It has exposed fears and insecurities and doubts. Doubts of my ability, doubts of my calling, and sadly, even doubts of God’s provision. Will He do it? Will He provide? Will He enable me to do what He has called me to do?

From the very beginning of this journey my mantra has been that it is God’s story. And if you had asked me if I really believed that statement I would have shouted (ok, I’m way too much of an introvert to shout at you, so I would have said politely) “absolutely!”

But the truth is, I had been holding onto this story, this book, this writing process by my fingernails. I had been trusting in things I could control like having a long time to write it, building up a nice steady word count, being comfortable with story-telling. I had been (without even realizing it) trusting in myself.

But as God is a God who lovingly corrects, exposes and prunes His children,  He began to gently, one by one, pry my fingers off of my perceived control. How?

Well, this story I am writing encompasses many different lives and many different moments that were each touched in some way by a very special horse. Each story, worthy of sharing. But my job is to tell the story in the most succinct and interesting way possible. This has created some structural challenges. It has taken a team of people far more intelligent that myself to try and figure out the structure of this book and the perspective with which to tell it. I have had many stops and starts along the way. I have written and written, only to rewrite and rewrite, and then start the entire process over again. I need at least 60,000 words in my manuscript. I had a little party for myself a few weeks ago when I hit that mark!

And then…..

And then I had a conference call with the most amazing team of talented writers and publishers. (I cannot even begin to tell you how much I adore these women God is allowing me to work with!) They had been reviewing my chapters and the structure and realized that it wasn’t quite working as it was. After much discussion and prayer, they suggested some changes to the outline. And they are so right! It was as if God illuminated my computer screen that day and said, “Yes! Now, THIS is my story!”

I was both elated and discouraged. I could see it! I could clearly see that this was the right way to go. But my heart sunk at the thought of losing so much time and so many words. I started to console myself with the fact that I could surely use much of what I had already written. I could cut and paste and add and tweak!

Start over.

I felt the words in my soul.

What? No! Why? “Lord,” I whined like a toddler, “I’ve worked so hard. Why would You say that?”

Give it to Me and start over.

To say I was less than thrilled would be a serious understatement. The truth is, it took me four days of whining, moping, and wanting to put my fingers in my ears and sing “la-la-la!” before I agreed. But He was patient with me. And confirmed His calling in many hard-to-deny ways. Including having me teach the story of Abraham’s test of faith. In fact, I had to teach that same lesson twice in one week!

Give me your Isaac. Trust Me.

Lay down my manuscript? With less than two months to go before my deadline? Start over from scratch? Who does that Lord?!?!

You. Start over. 

And so after much prayer and consideration, I have started over. I am laying my manuscript on the altar and trusting that God will provide His story. One word at a time.

“Why would He ask this of me?” I still wonder.  Maybe it’s simply an act of faith. Maybe it’s a test of obedience. Or maybe it’s because each time I’ve written and rewritten I have learned more about writing and am now, finally, ready to tell the story He has given me; the way He wants me to. It’s probably a little bit of all those reasons, and many I’ll never understand. But it really doesn’t even matter. Because obedience feels good. Doing things God’s way is freeing.

For great freedom is found in surrendering to God’s will.

Every day I hold up empty hands and ask Him to fill them with His words. Every time I open my computer I look to the screen and trust that He will provide the words for that day.

Trusting God with your own “Isaac” is hard. It takes faith. Faith that you don’t think you have. But as you make even the tiniest effort to lay down that which you want to cling to; as you say “Lord, I don’t see how this is going to work, I don’t understand why You would even ask this, but I trust You;” as you whisper through your tears “I love You more; I will obey You and trust You no matter the cost,” then something incredible begins to happen! God begins to infuse His strength into you.

It is as if our surrender is the conduit through which His strength flows. 

And so, I keep writing – now from a place of worship and trust. It is hard, but it is so worth it!!

Do you have an “Isaac” you are clinging to? Maybe yours is a habit. Maybe a child. A spouse. A title. How you thought your life was going to be. Maybe it’s financial in nature. Or a dream. A desire.

Our Isaac’s can take many different shapes, forms, and faces. But may I encourage you today to trust God with it, even when you want to hold on by your fingernails! He is trustworthy. He is for you. And His hands are far more capable of holding onto it than yours.

Lay it down and let Him fill you up!

Much love,


For the Weary Writer

A blank screen taunts you: You can’t
A rejected proposal mocks you: You’re not
A non-existent platform ridicules you: No one cares
A deadline intimidates you: You’re just not good enough

But then…..

The Author of history. The Author of your story, and of every story, speaks. His words rise up from the ashes of your despair. His words bind your wounds and sooth your heart. His words wrap you in an embrace and quiet the storm churning in your weary heart.


I AM the Giver of strength.
I AM the True Author.
I AM the One who is for you.
I AM your biggest fan.
I AM the source of your inspiration.
I AM here.

These words float like dust particles throughout your mind. They swirl like snowflakes around your soul.

You take a deep breath, filling your lungs with His words and then… begin again. You write a word. And then another.

You write for Him.
You write for you.
You write because you do not write alone.
You write because you must; you have been given a divine task, a holy assignment.
You write unconcerned with the outcome. Likes, shares, and platforms all fade into the background, suddenly unimportant. Your vision clears and you see them as they truly are – tools at best, chains at worst. Chains to keep you enslaved to numbers. Chains that keep you from living free, from writing free.

You write, you speak, you do…..for Him and Him alone.

If you have been called to write, then write and let nothing stop you!

Write today.

Write for fun, write for healing, write to encourage.

But write, unafraid and unashamed.

And as you write, I pray these words (set to a old fashion hymn) will encourage you to press on: