The Power of One


The solitary number just never seems big enough, does it?

One potato chip? Hardly!!
One dollar? Barely enough to buy a soda anymore.
One day of vacation? You can’t even get fully relaxed!

I am so quick to dismiss one, often feeling as though it’s lack reflects my own. After all, in a culture of excess where worth is often measured in quantity, one hardly seems worth noticing.

And yet over and over again we see in the Bible, where God delighted in calling, in sending, in rescuing just one. 

With all the heartbreaking news recently, I have been so overwhelmed at what I could possibly do? I mean, who am I to help a country in crisis, half a world away? Who am I to offer assistance to those whose lives have been turned upside while worshipping on Palm Sunday? How can I affect any substantial change?

As I wrestled with these feelings over the past few weeks, God began whispering through the pages of His word. Over and over again I would hear the whisper of “one.” I would see Jesus ministering to one, I would read of God calling one. I would look around the world in which we live and see glimpses of lives forever changed by one.

For the truth is:

We might not be able to save the world, but we can make a difference in the life of one person!

One is powerful to the one whose life is changed.

One is important to the one affected.

One is valuable to the God who created that one.

Earthly awards and accolades may not be given to those who affect change in just one, but that doesn’t mean that touching the life of one is not notable or important. For not only is a life changed, but that changed life will most likely influence change another and another. And suddenly one becomes much larger.

And while crusades, sold-out concerts, and massive fundraising events are great–and while millions of views, thousands of followers and hundreds-of-thousands likes can affect great change, I believe the greatest change, the most lasting change, comes from one person connecting to another person and saying—whether through voice, post, or actions:

“You matter. You are seen. You are loved.”

As I try to wrap my brain around what I can do to help a broken world, and as I pursue a writing career, I can get so caught up in numbers – the numbers of people hurting as well as the lack of numbers indicating that I am affecting any kind of change. But what God is continually, and patiently, showing me, is that He delights just as much in one life changed as He does in thousands. For while Jesus taught and fed the 5,000, He also discipled twelve, and opened His arms to the “ones.” He took time to see an outcast Samaritan woman; He made time to counsel a confused Jewish leader; He reached out to a hated tax collector; and made Himself available to countless other “ones.”

So while I doubt that anything I do will solve the world’s problems, I will focus on asking God to help me make a difference in the life of just one.

For one is important and worthy.

One is beautiful.

One is powerful.

And one can be enough.

You might not be able to save the world, but you can make a difference in the life of one person!

Much love,


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