When the storm just won’t quit

“Peace. Be still.”


The storm was raging. Their boat was filling. They were panicking.

But Jesus? He was sleeping.

Don’t you wish you could sleep through the storm today? Curl up, pull the covers over your ponding head and retreat into a blissful state of unconsciousness?

Do you long for the wind to stop blowing? The waves to stop ponding? Your boat to stop filling?

Is it starting to feel like the storm will never stop?

Do you long for Jesus to say, “Peace. Be still,” to your storm? Maybe you are even growing weary, thinking that He will never calm your storm. Or feeling hurt that He seems to speak Peace into other’s storms, but not your own?

If so, would you take just a moment to consider the familiar passage from Mark 4 in a different light?

Had the disciples not awakened Jesus, He would have continued to sleep.

He only rebuked the storm because His disciples were freaking out, and He chose to use that moment to demonstrate another aspect of His character to them—that He had power over even the wind and seas.

Yet, prior to the disciples terrified wake up call, Jesus was sound asleep.

He was at peace, in the storm…with them!

He was soaked, just as they were soaked!

And yet, He did not fear the storm. He knew that they would not perish. He knew that He was in complete control. He knew there was purpose in the storm. He knew that those He loved were safe with Him. And so…He slept.

It is natural to want the storms to stop. Storms are uncomfortable and scary.

But if your storm feels relentless today, know that you are not alone in that boat. The One who made you, loves you and has a plan for you is with you. And though you may feel frustrated that He seems to be asleep in the stern, know that—trust that—He is fully aware of what is going on. He is fully with you and for you.

I wonder….what would have happened if the disciples had chosen to lay down beside Him that day? To see His restful state as an example to follow during the storm?

Today, as the storm rages around you, would you snuggle up beside Jesus and let Him speak peace to your heart.

For there you will find rest in the middle of the storm.

Peace, Be Still (1)

Much love,


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