Simple Complexities


    adjectivesimpler, simplest.

        1.easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.:
           a simple matter; simple tools.

       2.not elaborate or artificial; plain:
             a simple style.

      3.not ornate or luxurious; unadorned:
               a simple gown.


How I find myself craving the simple things of this world right now. A quiet evening, a dew-laced morning, a hot cup of coffee in my kitchen. Less noise; more quiet.





How my heart aches for simple faith. Faith that believes Jesus’ words to “Come and follow Me” are enough. That in following Him I will find life and hope and peace. That in following Him I will see Him for who He is and myself as He sees me. Faith that doesn’t feel like a burden I drag behind me.




How my soul thirsts for the simple study of God’s Word. “God, who are You?” is the cry of my heart. “Show me who You are, the real You, the true You. Not the you I have always assumed. Not the you I have been told by others. Not the Baptist you, the Methodist you, the Catholic you, the new-age you, the Americanized you. But You, the One True God who delights in revealing Himself to people through the pages of Your Word. Reveal Yourself to Me Lord so that I might see You.



How my mind craves quiet. Silence, where only the still small voice of God can be heard.



How my lungs ache to breathe in God’s peace, like a glorious mist that fills my lungs.



How my eyes take in the beauty found in this world, evidence of God’s Presence here among His people.



Simplicity seems too complex a concept, and yet, it is by its very definition easy to understand—plain. And so I will search for the simple.

I will cling to the unadorned.

I will treasure that which is not elaborate or ornate, in my quest to see more of the One who is. 

For it is in the simple things that complexities of God are revealed.


Much love,


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