When Stolen Jesus steals your heart

She had me at vomit.

I was recovering from a mild wretched case of the stomach bug when I first stumbled across Jami Amerine’s blog, specifically her post about the need to quarantine oneself when one becomes contaminated by the stomach plague. She spoke truth. Causing me to laugh so hard that my own stomach plague made a brief return. Oh the irony!

Then several weeks later while again scrolling through the bowels refined halls of facebook, I came across yet another post by the same engaging, hilarious, truth-bombing author. It was an open letter to her kids telling them that, while she loves them fiercely, they’re not all that great. I think I spit out the sweet tea I had been drinking. Her words soothed my guilt-laden, flowers-after-the-recital-forgetting self.

And I was hooked.

I craved her raw, authentic, hilarious, truth-filled posts. I wondered about the woman behind the computer screen. I imagined what it would be like to meet for coffee. Would she bring the vandals? (her precious and precocious little boys) Would we laugh so hard we snorted while simultaneously worshipping and praising the Savior we both love?

And then I discovered we shared an agent!


For the first time in my life I felt cool!

(and more than a little intimidated. I mean I average 100 views a week, at best! while Jami’s numbers are counted by the 100’s of thousands)

But what I would soon discover is that Jami will be the first to tell you that numbers, viral posts, and book deals are nothing more than a vehicle by which to proclaim the freedom of the Gospel. She will humbly declare that she is who she is because He is who He is.


Jami writes of freedom and grace and authentic love. Themes which define her life and her writing.

Themes which are woven throughout her first (and completely amazing) book Stolen Jesus.

I have never laughed, cried, pondered and meditated on truth all within the span of three pages before!

Stolen Jesus is the story of how Jami “stole” a picture of Jesus, but ended up having her heart stolen by the real Jesus.


Discouraged by a lifetime of pursuing religion and relationships with counterfeit messiahs (false ideas of Jesus based on human experience and misrepresentations), Jami set out on a course to discover Who the real Jesus was and why He should matter.

What Jami found has completely changed her life!

Stolen Jesus will force you to think about Who Jesus is to you.

The real Jesus.

And once you know Him, it will change everything.


Jami, I am so grateful for your willingness to be used by God to speak truth to hungry hearts. Whether it is truth about vomit, kids, dress size or spiritual matters, you write and speak with a vulnerability and authenticity that is beautiful to behold. I pray that Stolen Jesus will find its way into the hearts and hands of those hungry to receive the truth of Jesus and His unfathomable, unending, always pursuing Grace.
Much love to you my friend,





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