Monday Morning Musings (with a side of muscle relaxers)

Monday Morning Musings


Ok, so it’s not still morning, but Monday Morning Musings sounds so much better than Monday Afternoon Musings, doesn’t it? (and besides I’m on pain killers and muscle relaxers for ongoing whiplash issues which now seem to now involve my jaw! so can I just get credit for writing anything coherent at all?? at least I hope this is coherent! 😉

I’m hoping to make these musings a weekly post—a way to process lessons, truths, and word pictures that stand out to me from Sunday.


And so my musings from yesterday:

  • (Ok, truth be told this was from last week, but it was too good not to include here) Our pastor, Brian Frost, was preaching out of Ephesians 1:11-14talking about how those who have trusted in Jesus are sealed by the Holy Spirit. He then told a story about how one of his sons always makes sure to seal his cookies by licking each one before leaving the table to get a drink. Which made me think….have those of us who have trusted in Jesus been licked by the Holy Spirit???


  • (This was another gem from last week) So not only have we been licked by the Holy Spirit, but as if Divine spit wasn’t enough, our pastor mentioned John 10:28, “I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.”Which tells us that those who have confessed Jesus as LORD and King are held firmly in His hands—in which we are un-snatchable. But as if Divine spit and the secure hands of Jesus are not enough of a guarantee—as if we could possibly be lost from the grip from the One who holds all things together, God takes it one step further. Look at the very next verse, “My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.” John 10:29. In case you missed it (like I did the first time) Brian spelled it out. Not only are we held secure in Jesus’ hands, but then God takes His hands and puts them around Jesus’. Friends, we are licked by the Spirit and then held in both the Son and the Father’s hands. I don’t know about you, but I believe that is as secure as secure can get!
  • Now for yesterday: Brian, preaching from Ephesians 1:15-23, talked about living as we truly are—co-heirs with Christ! One of our greatest inheritances being that of access to the Father. He encouraged us to come to God as our good and perfect Father—not concerned with following a formula, but just coming to Him as we are—where we are. He gave an example of his boys hearing the ice cream truck and running in for a dollar. “I heard the truck,” Brian said, “I knew what they wanted before they ever burst through the door. So how silly would it have for them to stop everything and before they presented their most pressing request, they first stopped to adore me, telling me how great I am, how tall I am. And then they thanked me for the house I provided for them and the food they had already eaten. And then what if I watched as they debated what they were supposed to do next, remembered they were supposed to confess their sin and proceeded to tell me how they had been fighting earlier—All before they asked me for the dollar?” It made for a good chuckle in the church, but the point was made. Yes, it is important to adore God, to thank God, to confess our sin and intercede for others, but God knows what we need before we need it. He knows our hearts, our worries, our fears, and our distractions. And so isn’t it better to own those. To say, “God, I am so worried about this that I want to give it to you first.” And then as we lay our worries and distractions at His feet, we will be able to worship and adore, thank and confess.


  • Lastly, another part of our inheritance is power. (And this one blows my mind!) As believers in Jesus, we have within us the same power that rose Jesus from the dead and seated Him at the right hand of God! Why should I ever be afraid to do anything God has called me to do??? Think about that power! I can choose what is right because that power dwells within me. I can do what is hard, because that power lives inside of me. I can go where I am sent because that power radiates through me!


Holy Spirit licking, Father/Son holding, access granting, power giving….it’s been a lot to ponder!

But alas, my muscle relaxers have kicked in and so that is all the musings I can muster for now.

But keep seeking Him! He’s there and He delights in revealing himself!

Much love,



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