Some days are just like that…

Today is a hard day.


But of course some days are just like that.

It’s no one thing, but rather a slow crescendo of many things—countless annoyances, irritations, ailments and responsibilities all coming together in bitter resonance. Clanging their mournful taunting disharmony until its burdensome sound can no longer go unnoticed.

You smile through the cacophony, pretending to be oblivious to its screeching sound.

“How are you?” you are asked.

“Oh just fine, how are you?” you reply on autopilot—as if responding in any other way will mark you as weak, needy…vulnerable.

All while longing to cry out, “I am NOT ok! Life feels too hard right now. It’s all just too much!”

Why do we hide? Why do we insist on wearing masks? When did we as a community decide that being real with each other was too risky? Too burdensome?

For the truth is we all have hard days, and we are all familiar with the bitter resonance of life’s troubles. And yet there is great healing that can come from someone coming alongside another in a time of need and pain.

Words aren’t nearly as important as another’s presence—as one being willing to stand with you and declare with their presence that ‘you are not alone.’

But therein lies the trouble. We are all going through something, and yet so often we insist on going through it alone. On shouldering our burdens and pain on our own, even when the weight of them brings us to our knees and buries us under their weight.

‘Surely I can carry this myself,’ I moan, while feeling my strength waning.
‘I need to keep it all together,’ I whisper as my shoulders begin to bend.
‘What will people think if I’m honest?’ I question as my knees drop to the ground.

As I lay under the weight of my thoughts and unshared hurts, I hear the voice my heart craves above all others:

You were created for community, the tender words declare.
You were never meant to keep it all together. That’s My job. The control you think you have is just an illusion, designed to keep you from trusting Me. Let go, my love, and trust Me.’ My heart leaps at the realization that my burden is a degree lighter.
People will think that you are human—like them. Your willingness to share your pain may be what allows them to share theirs. Do not hide your weakness, for it is where My strength shines brightest. My shame is being replaced by light—by hope.


Yes, today is a hard day, but you know what? Hard days are going to happen. None of us are immune. And even though my pain and my burdens may not look like yours, we can both understand how joy-less they can feel.

And so even though I long to retreat to my covers and wait for this day to pass in hopes that tomorrow will be better, I will instead stand up and offer you my hand. And together we will shoulder each others burdens.

I may not have any words to offer you, but I will offer you my presence. And I will point you to the One whose Presence can heal and restore and redeem.

Today might be a hard day, but we do not face it alone. We face it together as we face Him together.

Maybe today is a day for rest and remembering Who He is.
Maybe today is a day for action and advancement.
Or maybe today is just a day to open up and share your pain with someone.

Today is a hard day.

But of course some days are just like that.

I would be honored to share your burden with you today. If I can pray for you, please leave me a comment below.

Much love,




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