When what you have to give feels too small, and yet it’s all you have (you go ahead and give it)

Earlier this year my daughter could not stop singing the song “Priceless” by For King and Country. We listened to it in the car, at home, while on walks. She made up a dance routine to it and I think even tried to get the puppy to dance with her. But one day, in the midst of Priceless overload, she came home from school discouraged and sad. There had been some kind of friend drama and she was feeling bad about herself. We processed the days events over some white cheddar popcorn (our snack food of choice!). And as I was gearing up to impart some motherly wisdom (insert slight sarcasm here), my girl stopped me in my tracks. I honestly don’t even know what I was going to say, but it was not going to be nearly as powerful as what she said.

“I feel really bad right now mama, but at least I’m priceless to God and still His girl, right?”

Um….yep. Totally what I was going to say!! (insert sarcasm again)

I’m sure I would have gotten there eventually. But I’m confident I would have taken a much longer route. Yet, those words were what my girl’s heart needed to hear. And they are really the words we all need to hear, right?

Well, that was the day an idea was born: Could I somehow turn the song into a little Bible study to help other girls discover that they too are priceless to God and His precious girls?


It was such a joy to write, what turned into, a four week study drawn from the lyrics of the song. My daughter helped me write it (so that it “wouldn’t be boring”….gotta love how your kids keep you humble!!) And she insisted on including a craft to go with each week’s lesson. We hosted a group of girls this summer to try out the study. And let’s just say those days became quite special. Seeing young girls discover who they are to God was so powerful (one might even say it was priceless 😉

And yet, life being the way it is got busy and I forgot about that little study, until this week. Seeing so many women, so bravely and courageously, stepping out and speaking out about the abuse and mistreatment they have endured brought the echos of the song back to my mind, and with it this little study.

Compared to what so many have gone through, it feels trite to share this resource in response. And yet, God keeps reminding me that all He asks us to give is what we have.

And so, while I do not have the ability to right every wrong, hug every neck, or cheer for every warrior woman standing up and choosing to fight back, I do have a simplistic little resource to point young girls to the truth of who they are. So that maybe one day, if they (God forbid) find themselves the victim of abuse, or mistreatment, or lies, they will have a seed of truth buried deep inside. A seed that has been watered and nurtured. A seed that is strongly rooted and unbendable that will remind them that in spite of what they feel or what others may or may not do, they are Priceless and Precious and Invaluable to the One whose Love will always be there and whose Power will one day make ALL THINGS right again.

And so, I offer this most humble of offerings on behalf of every Priceless girl and woman out there.

My beloved priceless sisters, you are stronger than you know, braver than you feel and LOVED more than you can imagine!

Priceless Bible study (a four week study)


Much love,

ps-if you haven’t downloaded the Priceless song or movie yet, I encourage you to do so. They are wonderful and incredibly powerful! You can find them wherever music and movies are sold. 


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