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To the stressed-out Christmas mama…

Dear Stressed-out Christmas mama, Oh precious maker of Christmas magic; you who thoughtfully chose gifts, decorate cookies, hang garland, applaud at Christmas pageants, hang out at the grocery store more than your own kitchen, and fearfully watch your checking balance dwindle; I promise you that what you’ve done is enough. It is enough. You can

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Why I am trying so hard to avoid the “S” word this Christmas….

And no, it’s not that “S” word!!! (although I do try to avoid that one too! ;) ) Nor is it Santa (although who knew that word could be quite so controversial in certain circles!!) No, the “S” word that I am trying so hard to avoid this year is the word…..SHOULD. Does any of

Why I am trying so hard to avoid the “S” word this Christmas…. 2017-12-07T13:19:03+00:00

Maybe you are just what this world needs…

I shared yesterday about Surviving Speech Purgatory. Well, today I would love to share my son's speech with you:  Maybe You Are Just What This World Needs by Andrew Bleakley The all-American hero. The all-star athlete. The celebrity. The A-student.  Everywhere we look we see images of the ideal person we are told we should become. The one

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Surviving Speech Purgatory

"Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but we are in speech purgatory..." I had typed the words in jest to a friend, however, there is really nothing jovial about seeing your kid stressed out of his mind. This week is speech week at school. The dreaded week when high schoolers must present a

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News I’ve been waiting four years to share….

After four years of secrecy, five rewrites and countless edits I am so honored to finally, FINALLY, be able to share my book baby with you (well, at least the cover and synopsis). Meet Joey! (isn't the cover gorgeous!?!) The design team at Tyndale House Publishers did an amazing job! It feels so strange to

News I’ve been waiting four years to share…. 2017-12-01T11:25:00+00:00

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This blog serves as an online journal of sorts. It is where I go to process my thoughts and feelings. It is where I write about what it means to shine the light of Jesus in an ever darkening world. And it is where I record the beautiful glimpses of God’s extraordinary grace in the midst of my very ordinary life.

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