News I’ve been waiting four years to share….

After four years of secrecy, five rewrites and countless edits I am so honored to finally, FINALLY, be able to share my book baby with you (well, at least the cover and synopsis).


Meet Joey! (isn’t the cover gorgeous!?!) The design team at Tyndale House Publishers did an amazing job!

It feels so strange to be able to share this publicly after so many years of keeping it a closely guarded secret. But I imagine I will quickly get used to sharing much more about Joey; a horse I met five years ago this month. A horse who, although I’m not really a “horse person,” quickly captured my heart. And a horse whose life stands as a beacon of hope for those trapped in darkness.

Joey is already available for pre-order at Tyndale’s website and Amazon (although it won’t be available until May 8th).

To say I am overwhelmed would be a vast understatement. This has been a long journey, filled with many ups and downs (see post), and yet in many ways it is really just beginning. I have so much still to learn: marketing, promoting, and book launching, but for now I am choosing to just bask in the goodness, kindness and lavish grace of God.

This book, this story, has affected me deeply. Yet, I have NO idea why God chose me (a non-horse person) to write a book about a horse, but He did and I am forever grateful.

You can read a synopsis of the book (and pre-order it if you feel so inclined!) at:
Joey pre-order info

Thanks for being willing to walk with me through this journey.

And one final parting thought: If you are holding onto a dream, maybe a dream you have never even spoken out loud, and yet find yourself longing to pursue it, but scared to death to take that first step…please know that if God is calling you to follow that dream than he will do it through you. Trust him, cling to him, but take that first step. And know that His dream for you may end up being much bigger than your dream for yourself! 😉 But take that first step, I promise you will not be sorry you did!

Much love,

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