A prayer for two boys….

(Two boys in my son’s 9th grade class were involved in a serious accident last week, and both have been in the hospital ever since. The boys and their families are being prayed over constantly by so many. My heart has been so heavy for all those involved as they sit and wait. As they brace themselves for each new report. And as they long for their boys to wake up. If you have a moment, would you join me in praying for these two…)

Lord God—the Almighty One, mighty to save and incomparable in power,

In times like these we realize just how powerless we are. How dependent we are on You—on Your will, Your plan and Your presence.

Father, our hearts are broken for those who have been hurt, and for those who are hurting with them and for them. We cry out against the pain, against the fear and the unknown.

We long to turn back time—to stop this from ever happening. But once again we are reminded of our powerlessness, our weakness.

God may that awareness draw us to Your power, Your strength, and Your grace.

Lord, two young souls lay in broken bodies. Bodies which have been battered, bruised and scarred. Unreachable by those desperate to once again hear their voice, see their smile, feel their embrace. Deafening silence permeates a room which should be filled with chatter, with laughter, with life.

Father, right now we ask that Your voice would go where human words cannot.

Jesus, would you speak, even now, to the hearts of those boys. Will you whisper words of hope, of peace, of grace. Of life.

Lord God, with but a word you spoke life out of darkness. Will you speak once again.

With but a word you pushed back the sea. Will you speak once again.

With but a word you healed, redeemed, forgave, saved. Will you speak once again.

And God we trust that while we may never hear Your voice speaking to the boys, you are indeed speaking even now. You are whispering words of love. You are speaking words of truth. You are breathing words of healing. You are singing words of delight. 

God we trust that the voice of God can go where human words cannot.

And we believe that in the darkness, You are shining light.

In the quiet, You are speaking grace.

In the brokenness, You are making new.

And in the heartache, You are healing.

Jesus, we commit these boys to You. We trust them to Your care. We place them in Your hands.

And Lord we ask that You would strengthen their parents and families. Flood each soul with Your peace—peace that doesn’t make sense. Peace that stronger than fear. Draw their hearts ever closer to You. Infuse them with strength. Sustain them with Your power—the same power that triumphed over sin and death.

God we are fully dependent on You. We stand here broken, with empty hands raised to You in full surrender and trust. Be glorified in this Jesus. And as your children heal and recover may they become living breathing thriving testimonies of Your grace, and mercy and power.

It is in the powerful, healing, sustaining name of Jesus we pray, amen.

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