No Fear Friday

Several weeks ago I accidentally started a thing. A movement of sorts. Although in full disclosure it’s really just a movement of one, maybe two…possibly as many as three. But still…it’s kind of become a thing for me. And it’s called No Fear Friday.

You see, several weeks ago I had to send out advanced digital copies of  JOEY to my launch team. My launch team, comprised of people I actually know! I was terrified. I mean up until that point the only people I knew personally who had read my book were my parents. And well, they kinda have to love it, right??

So that day I sat at my kitchen table, my finger poised over the send button, completely frozen in fear.

What if they hate it?
What if they love it?
What if no one reviews it?
What if someone does review it?

Up to that point, JOEY had been my own little secret. (well, mine and Tyndale’s, and my agents, and collaborator’s….but you know what I mean! MY people hadn’t read it)

The fear was crippling. And that’s when I first felt God whisper to my heart the words, “no fear.” And because it was a Friday I added the Friday part 😉

So while chanting “no fear Friday” and surrendering the results to the LORD, I hit send. And then hit my knees in prayer and emotional exhaustion.

But that moment, that experience, led to me posting a No Fear Friday video every Friday since. And, by the way, I have always avoided videos because they scare the ever-livin’-daylights out of me! But in the spirit of what I was trying to do, mainly kick my stupid fear to the curb, a video seemed like the logical choice.

And so, I offer you this week’s No Fear Friday video!

Much love,

(if you want to see more of my no fear Friday videos I now have a youtube channel…because, well, fear stinks and I’m done living in fear of things…even youtube! 😉


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