When the foundations are being destroyed, what can we do? Look up!

“When the foundations are being destroyed,
    what can the righteous do? The Lord is in his holy temple;
    the Lord is on his heavenly throne.”

Psalm 11:3-4

When what we have been standing on, hoping in, and depending on begins to fall, what are we to do? 

We are to stand up, reach up and look up—this is the message God keeps whispering to my heart this week. 

Yes, things are bad. 
Yes, evil is running rampant. 
Yes, sin’s tentacles stretch far and wide. 

But, there is still hope! 


Because God is still on the throne!!!

This week my gaze has been fixed on the wretchedness of man’s sin, the depravity captured by news cameras, the hatred spewed across firmly drawn lines, and the horrors taking place in the name of love, justice and choice.

And my soul has cried. 
My heart has broken. 
And my head has bowed under the weight.

So I cried to God. I sat with my Bible open and my mouth closed. I raised my hands in worship and bent my knees in prayer. 

And I felt the Almighty God—our most kind and generous Savior—speak to my heart:

Look up, my child, came a whisper from heaven. 

I am still on my throne.

Look up, my child. I remain the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Unlike the culture around you, I do not, and will never, change. 

Look up, my child and remember that I see all, I know all, and I care far more than you ever could.

Look up and remember that I am as just as I am gracious.

Look up and remember that I am stronger than sin and death and evil. 

Look up and see me in my holy temple and on my holy throne. Allow my holiness to move you to your knees in worship and adoration. There you will receive strength to persevere. 

Yes, foundations you have been standing on are crumbling. My people are feeling shaken as the foundations of politics, ideologies, and cultural norms are crumbling. But my child, those things were never meant to be your foundation. 

Why would you stand on something able to be destroyed by man?

Stand on me and me alone.
Cling to me and me alone.
For only then will you be able to stand firm, unafraid and unwavering. 

So stand up for justice.
Cry, weep, mourn and lament over the wretched effects of sin, for it is good and right for you to do so. 

But as you do—my blood-bought child—look up, see Me, and remember: 

I AM with you. 
I AM unchanging. 
I AM Yahweh, Jehovah, Messiah. 
I AM here. 
And I AM your hope. 

Sit with me. 
Talk to me. 
Quiet yourself before me. 

For my precious, precious child, I AM your hope and I AM right here. 

My friends, let’s look up and remember…..

Much love,


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