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* December 2017 update: I can FINALLY share my book’s cover and synopsis! And it is already available for pre-order! Things sure more fast in the publishing world when you get to this point!
But without further ado… meet Joey, a blind rescue horse who helped others see hope:

* October 2017 update: Things are starting to happen fast now! And for this newbie  author, it is all SO exciting! I’ve seen the back cover copy (and it is SOOO good!). The Tyndale team did a fantastic job. Reading the back cover makes me want to go buy my own book! We are in the final stages of cover design and I just finished the redline edits. It’s really starting to feel like this is going to happen!

* September 2017 update: My manuscript has been formally accepted!! We now begin cover design and marketing strategy. It’s starting to feel a little more real!


I feel like I have been pregnant for four years!! Not with a baby, but with a book! I first felt the calling to write a book over four years ago. I had several false starts and a long season of feeling that I was far too unqualified to attempt such an endeavor. Add to those feelings, all the duties of being a mom of school-age kids, and a big dose of introverted insecurities and you might be able to understand why it has taken so long to birth this book baby.

But God’s purpose and will are (thankfully!) far greater than my fears and distractions, and by His grace on May 1st I submitted my first manuscript to Tyndale House Publishers. Now begins the long wait to see if it will be accepted into editing or come back to me for more tweaking. 

My book is scheduled for a May 2018 release (so this book pregnancy is far from over). I will joyfully update this page as this awesome journey continues!

But for now I will simply leave you with this: if God calls you to do something (especially if it’s something big and scary and outside of what you feel capable of doing) know that He is big enough and capable enough to do it through you. He does not ask you to do anything expect walk in trusting obedience with Him. Trusting God to do what seems impossible to you, and then seeing Him do it…..there is absolutely no other experience like it!


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