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Thoughts from an Author-in-training

The other day a friend asked me if writing a book is really any different from the other writing I've done? She knows that I've been writing church curriculum lessons for the past four years, contributing to devotionals occasionally, writing weekly blog posts, and getting to do some other cool writing gigs. At times those

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The News I Can Finally Share

This time last year I was preparing for my first writing conference. I was finishing my first manuscript. Printing my first business cards. And learning how to do my first One Sheet. I then experienced my first rejection, and first questioning of my dream to become an author. Yet just a few months later—and only

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I am a Writer

"So are you a writer?" she asked with genuine curiosity. "Uh," I began with great eloquence, "yes?" (I literally said that in the form of a question!) Then came the equally eloquent clarification. "I mean, well....I write....words....a lot of words." Dear Lord! Please stop talking. "I mean, I like to write. I write curriculum....and stories. And

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Waiting is Not for Wimps!

I’ve been giving serious thought to the need for a “Waiting on God’s Timing” support group!!! Waiting is HARD. Waiting on something you feel would be pleasing to God and give Him glory, but is not yet happening is really, really HARD. One thing I’ve noticed while in this season of waiting, is that waiting

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About My Work

This blog serves as an online journal of sorts. It is where I go to process my thoughts and feelings. It is where I write about what it means to shine the light of Jesus in an ever darkening world. And it is where I record the beautiful glimpses of God’s extraordinary grace in the midst of my very ordinary life.

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Release Date: May 8th, 2018
The release date for the Joey book I wrote is almost here! Would you add your email so I can keep you updated about events, book signings, and what the LORD has been doing through the book? As a thank you, I'll give you a link for a BEAUTIFUL digital poster that features a painting of the Joey bookcover painted by my friend Michelle!
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