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Here are some free resources I hope you will find useful as you help others see the hope and light of Jesus:

  • Priceless Bible Study is a four week study intended for girls ages 12-15 (or any girl who needs to know that she is precious and priceless to God). The study draws from the lyrics to the song “Priceless” by For King and Country, using them to point girls to who they are to God, and introducing them to who God is as seen through the truth of Scripture. Each week has a theme and a corresponding craft. (You can read the story behind the study  here)
  • Wordless Book 5 Week Preschool Lesson Plan   This is a five week lesson plan, using the wordless book to introduce preschoolers to the Gospel. Each lesson contains crafts, stories and activities to bring the story to life.
  • Graphics:
    You are stronger than you know and braver than you feel, but you are also hurting and you need time to heal. (1)
    Stronger (pdf)

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